Digging for potatoes for snack – then planting in some daffodils for spring!  Oct 18


Aug 2018 – we have a roll of 3  pupils.  We have one Early Years Practicioner and   We also have a Nursery Management Class teacher.

Nursery Times  Aug 2018  : 8.45am – 12.45p.m     from 1 Oct we are open Mon , Wed/Thurs/Fri


This keeps us within the Care Inspectorate regulations as per our registration document








2 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. This website says roll of 3 pupils? Then surely there IS room for one more? I’m sure you can understand my frustration at this.

    1. This was basic information about Nursery as at start of session in Aug 2017 Since then the roll has increased, different numbers across the four days. The Area Office confirmed they had spoken to you around the decision that they could only offer one day of placement. Regards AM

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