Wk: 6 27 May -31 May 2019

Wk: 6 27 May -31 May 2019

PLEASE NOTE Reports are out today! Please return comments slip to the office – this confirms receipt of your child’s report. Our apologies to parents – we will need to move forward the parents evening consultation times from next afternoon(Tues 4th June) due to our Ed Scotland visit next week. A new time will be sent out as soon as possible.

Mon 27 May – Final call for Dunrobin Permission slips. SMS texts have been sent out with pick up times for Wednesday.

Tues 28 May – Active Schools Co-ordinator – Ben Bruce for P6 Junior Leader input CCR/PE Kit

Wed 29 May- Primary Pupils – Learning Visit to Golspie – Dunrobin Castle – including Falcon display – note with details already out – but don’t forget Jacket/ suitable footwear/packed lunch + extra drinks!

Nursery – Library visit as usual / No chanter this week due to trip out.

Th 30 May – Primary Pupils – Scottish Water workshop to support topic work

Fri 31 May – Nursery – CALLP visit for outdoor learning

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