Wk: 6 Mon 21 – Fri 25 May

Mon 21 May – This is Walk to School Week – Pupils were given a leaflet and seeds to keep a record of Walking Roots – they may not manage to complete this over one week – but hopefully by 13th June when we have signed up for the Big Walk. More details nearer the time.

Last swim today.

Tues 22 May – We have a guidance visit for P7s – M. Claret will visit. We also have the PEF teacher today. HT at Ullapool HIgh for QIO + ASG Meetings.

Wed 23 May – Library visit 

Thurs 24 May –  PE   P7s at UHS  will spend the morning putting together their presentations on their areas of research using all they have experienced and learned throughout the project.   In the afternoon they will give their presentations to invited guests and parents.

Fri 25 May – PEF teacher in class part of the day. CALL officer visiting Nursery.


We have a Work Experience pupil visiting next week in school.

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