Wk: 3 + schoolbag mail

P7s have final Abernethy arrangements. Emailed and paper copy out today.

Mon- Wed – Abernethy Trip. P7s away. Classes will ‘move up’ for some of the time. New P1s will visit, meeting with their class buddies.

Mon 30 April – Child Protection training for staff. There will be a note home with pupils.

Tues  1 May –  New P1s visit Primary Classroom.

Wed 2 May – Library visit – Nursery and Primary

Thurs – PE as usual

Fri –  A Police transport van will come for a visit to Primary mid morning for a safety talk with pupils etc.  P7s are out for John Muir preparation and small Lochinver P7 group joining them at Achiltibuie ( 4 pupils to catch up). They have a note out today.


Please Note : Pupils have a note about the Achiltibuie Playing field road works. All pupils /staff/ visitors should use the main gate at the front.  The side gate has been closed off.  Bus/ car drop offs/pick ups should be at the main school entrance.

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