Wk 10 7-11th Mar

Tues – Our Marine day out to Ullapool Primary School went well. P7s went the High School for a visit at lunch-time. Thanks to all who helped with transport.

Thurs- is the last Youth music tutor visit for  this session.

This is Waste Awareness week and e-waste ( electronic) week in Scotland. We will look at how well we Reduce – Recycle Re-use and Repair as part of the current Energy topic.

Please ensure all pupils have indoor shoes, wellies are not suitable for all day wear. All pupils have a peg bag to keep a pair of extra shoes in, thanks.


Please note that from April 11th 2016 the price for school lunches will increase to £2.30 for children in P4 upwards (primary only). P1 – 3 children are still entitled to a free school meal.

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