WinterTerm 2 Oct – Dec 14


Wk:  3  Photographer  Tues 11 Nov @ school, official permission slips home

Wed 12 Nov – Headteacher will attend Associated School Meeting at Ullapool High School with other Headteachers and High School Staff.

Th 13 Nov – Joint school event at Lochinver Primary  for Health & Well – Being + PE \= Drama workshop with Jonathan Davies  from Eden Court + Flu  Immunisation Programme for  pupils

Wk: 6 Pantomime – Fri 5 Dec @ Eden Court


WK : 1 Tues 28 Oct P 2-4 to Lochinver PS – Ballet Workshop

Wed 29 Oct P5-7 Littoral Art Project Ullapool Museum + ScottishBallet @ Macphail Centre

Wk: 2,3,4 Drama Worker – Thursdays pm.

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